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North Jersey

Greater Philadelphia Region

  • No appointment is necessary 

  • PCR and Rapid available 

  • Must bring a photo-ID and insurance card if you are insured

  • If non-insured or undocumented, we can still provide free testing

All participants must complete this form the same day they come to a pop-up site

For PCR tests, create an account and place an order with the lab*


*PCR Only: If you choose the "I do not have insurance" option, you will need to sign a separate paper affidavit on site

How it Works

How It Works

Find a Free Pop Up Site

We are committed to making testing accessible

  • Check out our calendar of pop up events
  • No appointment is necessary
  • Can’t find a pop up site near you? We go where there is a need for testing and love partnering with businesses, events, schools, and individuals to bring testing where it is needed! Apply today to have us come to you. Currently serving North Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Come Prepared

Go through this checklist and get tested quickly and safely

  • Come with a mask or face covering
  • If you are symptomatic, plan a way to get to and from the testing site that does not involve public transportation
  • Bring a smart phone capable of reading QR codes if you have it
  • Bring a photo ID and insurance card if you have it
  • Non insured and undocumented participants can still be tested for free

Get Tested

Review the testing process so you know what to expect


    • If you haven't pre-registered for testing, you will be asked to register on your phone through a QR code. If you do not have a phone with these capabilities, we can assist you. 

    • You will need to show your photo ID and insurance card. We will scan them for our records.

    • If you choose to do a PCR test, you will need to fill out an additional online PCR order form for the reference laboratory and register for their portal to view your results. A valid email address is required.

    • No additional registration is needed for rapid testing.


    • RAPID: You will be asked to swab both nasal passages 1-2 cm deep for 15 seconds each.

    • PCR: A staff member will swab the back of your nasal passage.

Obtain Your Results

We are committed to getting you reliable results!

  • RAPID: You can choose to wait 20 minutes for your rapid results or receive an email by the end of the day.

  • PCR: The turnaround time for PCR testing results currently 2-3 days after testing. You will receive an email alert to the portal from the reference laboratory to see your results as soon as they are available.

  • If you start experiencing severe symptoms after testing, seek emergency services. 





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