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The Simple Path to Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in PA

Renew with ease, continue the journey to wellness.

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Experience the ease of renewing your medical card with Just My Doc! Just three simple steps - pay your state fee and get a doctor's certification - and receive your new medical card in the mail in as little as a couple days!
Let JustMyDoc make the renewal process easier and get you back to your life faster.

Cover the State Fee

You may manually waive the fee if you participate in qualifying state assistance programs

The annual $50 State Fee can be paid up to 30 days before the one year anniversary of when you last paid, which is usually around the same date as the printed expiration date on your card. This fee helps the state run the medical marijuana program in PA and there is the option to waive it for those receiving Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, or PACE.

To pay/waive the state fee, log in to your state portal and click "Make a Payment" in the menu. If the page displays "No payment is due at this time" in red, you don't owe any fees. Otherwise, follow the instructions to waive or pay the state fee.

While logged in, click "Profile Settings" in the menu and scroll down to ensure your address is up-to-date for the card to be sent to. Please note that this is the only way to change your mailing address on the portal. The physician cannot edit this information and the address does not sync up with your DMV information.

For any issues logging into the state portal, call the PA Medical Marijuana Program Helpdesk at 888-733-5595 (Open 7am - 9pm - 7 days a week).

Get a Certification from a Physician

Schedule an appointment

Next, you need a physician certification confirming that cannabis is still beneficial for your condition. This certification can be submitted up to 60 days before the expiration date on your card. 

You can schedule a renewal with Just My Doc even if your card has already expired or you were previously certified by another physician. We are usually able to provide same day availabilities, which you can always check for here.

What to expect during your appointment:

The doctor will give you a phone call to do the consultation at the time that you scheduled for. No waiting rooms or waiting on hold! We respect your time and want to start you off with a positive experience with the medical marijuana program. 

The doctor will ask about your conditions, your use of cannabis (including forms and strains), any negative side effects, and any new health conditions since your last certification. To access your state MMJ profile, the physician will need your last name/email and date of birth, which should match what's in your state portal. This information is requested in our booking form. If there's an issue finding a match, your state ID can help. After the call, the physician will submit your certification, and you'll receive a confirmation email from the Department of Health.

(Pre-payment is required to secure your appointment, but if you don't end up qualifying we will provide a full refund)

Receive Your Card

It’s ready to use out of the envelope!

The card will arrive in a couple of days. There is no need to activate it. You can bring this card along with a valid state ID or driver’s license to start getting your medicine from any dispensary in PA.

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