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How Do I Find My Patient ID?
Patient ID is an important 6 digit number required for certification

When you book a certification appointment with Just My Doc, we ask for your Patient ID. If this is your first time getting certified for medical cannabis in PA or it's been a year since you last had to undergo this process then it can be tricky to find this 6 digit number. We will walk you through the steps to obtaining this number so you will be all set to book your appointment.


Renewal: Go to the login page and enter your email and password . If you forgot your login information, you can recover your username or reset your password.

Initial: Read our step-by step guide to registering for the program very carefully. Your information must be entered exactly according to these instructions. After you successfully register, you should receive an email with your patient ID. Just type this into your booking form!

STEP 2 - Click on the Profile Settings Tab

Once you are logged into the site, click on the "Profile Settings" tab and on the top of the page you will see your patient ID displayed. This should be a 6 digit number that you can type into our convenient one step booking form.




















Patient ID Tab.png

STEP 3 - Get Certified

Hang onto that Patient ID! You will need to give it to the physician who medically certifies you. The physician you choose will need to be specially trained and certified in medical cannabis through the state of PA, be an MD or DO, and possess an active and unrestricted state practicing license. Our physician meets all those criteria and can see you online. Just My Doc offers the most affordable prices and convenient appointments.  

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