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Connecting you to quality healthcare, anytime, anywhere.

Schedule at your own convenience

No waiting on hold

No travel or check in delays

Know exactly what you are paying upfront

No surprising bills months later

Easily connect with your doctor

Customizable appointments

Small and flexible operations

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Our Services

You're in Good Hands

  • Simple medical marijuana card recertifications.

    5 min

    75 US dollars
  • Affordable initial medical marijuana card certifications.

    10 min

    150 US dollars
  • Combined screening for a diagnosis and card certification

    15 min

    225 US dollars
  • Get a form filled out for your employer/school

    10 min

    150 US dollars
  • Little things don't need to be a big deal.

    10 min

    150 US dollars
  • Helping you to get the diagnosis and treatment that's right for you.

    30 min

    300 US dollars
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About Us

A Bit About Our Practice


​JustMyDoc is a patient focused, no nonsense, online medical practice.


As a patient, you get to set the expectations from the start.

Define your goal for the doctor during booking so the visit can stay laser focused on achieving it.  

Always expect clear upfront costs, no-hassle online scheduling, and respect for your time and needs. ​

We provide a variety of services including:​

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The Q's to your A's

For questions about our medical marijuana and cannabis services, click here



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